The Family Philosophy

The Zidek Family Foundation

Experts tell us not to use the word “help” on our website – that it’s too saccharine, too earnest.

We use it anyway.

Because at our core, we are helpers: Citizens equipped to judiciously support causes that speak to us – causes that promise practical and care-driven outcomes.

We step in and support organizations for whom worthy goals are a dollar amount away. We strive to level figurative playing fields so that opportunities become a little more equal.

Our process is more laidback than most. Sometimes we see a qualified situation in our offices, communities, or schools, and simply turn to each other and ask, “Can we help?”

The Zidek Family Foundation is a Florida-based non-profit that provides funding to grantees in the Philadelphia region (our home) and in Florida (where our matriarch spends most of the year).

While technically “cause agnostic” – that is, open to any worthwhile need – we are inclined toward general funds or specific projects that benefit children faced with socioeconomic hurdles.

We hope you’ll reach out if there’s a specific need that can be alleviated by one-time or ongoing financial support.

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